TV Commercials

It just amazes me how intolerant of commercials I have become by having a TiVo. I used to never mind commercials, I used them to throw food in the oven or make a phone call or even practice some guitar. Now, watching live TV (like the Sox games this week), I just want to hit fast forward and get past the commercials.

I just want content, nothing else. I think the Internet and the fast pace of it, along with the amazing amounts of content on demand has changed the way people think. I don't think people have fully accepted TiVo yet, but I think when they do, they will realize how different an experience TV becomes. I was a horrible channel flipper. I also was the king of watching random crap on TV, even if it was a movie I had seen 100 times, just to have the damn thing on in the background or to keep me occupied. Now that I have TiVo, I just have the content I want, always available to me at the pace I want. If I want to doze off in the middle of a show, I just rewind back to where I was. If I get a call and need to head out, I hit pause and come back later. It's pure content on demand. It is much like the web in this respect.

I sometimes think about how people got things done without the Intenet. I actually mentioned this to Chey right before last time I came out. How did people get the weather for a business trip before? They would have to look things up in the paper, which probably didn't have much of an extended forecast. Or else they would have to know someone where they were going. I somehow think that business people don't have friends in every city they travel too. Now? I just go to or Weather Underground.

I guess it's just funny how you can get used to certain things and they can adjust how you think about things without you actually realizing it.


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