Tied Up

The Red Sox tied up the series tonight. Very nice. Being able to have Waker pitch was most excellent. I am going to scare myself by saying this, but, the Sox pitching looked real good tonight.

Not sure what happened with that one base running snafu, but other than that, the Sox looked ok. Still trying to figure out where the bats that we had hot all season are.

Specifically, can someone PLEASE go find Nomar, tell him to stop thinking about the wedding and CONCENTRATE on baseball for a bit? He's looked like crap for over a month and it is getting somewhat annoying. He's almost turned in to an automatic out. The other one someone can try and wake up is that batting champion of ours.

I'm trying to think if I am going to head to work super early tomorrow, so I can be home by 4 to watch the game or if I am just going to stay at work late and listen to the game. Tough decision, since I hate waking early, but it may have to be done. It's not like I am going to get any work done after the game starts.


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