Solo Living

I think I finally have found the downside to living alone. I have happily lived alone for 18+ months and everything has been great. No one to answer to, run around the house naked when I want, etc etc etc.

Well, the last 2 1/2 days I have been laid up VERY sick. It started Monday afternoon and got horrid yesterday to the point that I slept most of the day. The bad part? Well, a few. First, I had next to no food in the house, so no food means I can't eat as much as I should be, especially being sick. If I had a roommate, they could run to the store, get me food, get me Gatorade, etc etc etc. No roommate? Eat whatever I can find around the house, which is rather little. Secondly, I have been very weak. Moving for more than a minute kills me. Well, it has made cooking, getting drinks, going the bathroom, etc vey difficult. Having a roommate? They could make me food, pour me drinks and help me out in any way they could.

Though, I still love living alone, right now I wish I had a roommate to take care of me. I called my Mom yesterday, but she was unwilling to travel the 300 miles to take care of me :(

Update: I'm amazed no one said anything about the spelling :) Fixed.


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