I'm not surprised

Baiting? Well, as I said, that's what I thought. But, the police are saying maybe assault. Big Fat Warning: This page has crashed two browsers on me. From the article:

Boston police may charge Yankees with assault

Police spokesman Michael McCarthy didn't release the names of the two players.

However, Red Sox spokesperson Charles Steinberg identified Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia as the Yankees involved.

McCarthy says a man who was seen in the bullpen in the ninth inning of the Yankees 4-3 playoff win over the Red Sox was a Fenway Park employee and that he was the victim of the assault.

"The Red Sox are terribly concerned and distressed about the attack on our employee tonight," Steinberg said.

The Yankees denied the players were to blame in the fight with Paul Williams, a member of the ballpark's grounds crew.

"A security incident like this would never be tolerated at Yankee Stadium," president Randy Levine told AP.

"Unfortunately, there was an atmosphere of lawlessness that was allowed to be perpetrated all day long," said Levine. "The events of the entire day were disgraceful and shameful, and if it happened at our ballpark, we would apologize, and that's what the Red Sox should do here."

New York reliever Jeff Nelson fought with the Fenway Park employee in the Yankees' bullpen in the ninth inning of the AL championship series Saturday night.

With tempers already high following a bench-clearing melee earlier in the game, Nelson took exception to Paul Williams, who was waving a white flag in the bullpen in the ninth inning. The reliever told Williams he didn't like it, and the two started to fight.

There's more there, but that's a bunch of it.


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