Geeks, Accordions, and Guinness?

So, headed over to BloggerCon yesterday for the free Day 2. Was lots of fun. Will have some more stuff up on that later.

Post wrap-up, a number of us, including Dave, Doc, Joey, Boss Ross, AKMA, Si, Jim, Phil, Wendy, Britt and some others headed out for some coffee and continued talk. Some talked, Joey played some Accordion, some danced. Was a good time. Was nice getting to meet and talk to more people than I had had a chance to during the sessions.

After hanging out for a while, a bunch of us headed over to have some dinner. Dinner was fun. Sat next to Dave and got to talk with him a bunch. Lots of good discussion around the table. Lots of talk about politics and weblog.

Dave and I still disagree on how aggregators should work. He likes an aggregator that takes everything and shows it all off in one long list. I still like the 3 pane approach. Though, I do feel that if I could do categories and then have groupings of posts I would be more inclined to read the way Dave does. I need to hack my aggregator so it can do this.

After dinner, Joey and I headed to downtown Boston for some hijinx and some accordion fun. We first went to Sissys to see Greg play. Joey got up and jammed a few tunes with him (pictures coming to Joey's site soon). They played Squeezebox and something else. After that we went over to Clarke's to see Chad and Stu play. Yet again, Joey jumped right up on stage and played a few songs with them. Was a great time and we closed out the bars.


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