Bring on the Yankees Pt 2

OK, so they could have possibly made that a little more tense, right? Lilke getting the count to 3-2 and bringing Kim in? Would that have helped build some more tension?

Holy shit! What a great game. Manny, who has been rather quiet in this series, with the big 3 run blast was a nice touch. The A's slowly coming back was completely unnecessary. The bases being loaded in the 9th was also unnecessary. DLowe pulling off some wonderful pitching was very nice to see.

Scariest part of the game was most definitely the collision in the outfield. Seeing Damon wave to the crowd as he got in the ambulance was comforting.

I don't enjoy the fox announcers much. Taking exception to Manny walking down the first base line was annoying. He knew it was gone, he has done it before.

So, off to NY we go. I would have to say we have a ton of momentum, so hopefully we can carry it in. First game is Wednesday, I think. May have to hit the bars, cuz Jillian's looked like a ball on TV tonight.

So once again, I say, GO SOX!


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