Tech Incompetence

It amazes me with the prevalence of technology in both the workplace and the home these days that people are still very incompetent in the technologies they seem to rely on more and more. I had an issue with some of the folks I work with this morning where they were getting an error trying to download a file from their browser. Basically, the browser instead of just showing the file as text (as it was a .txt file) it tried to parse the XML and threw up an error. They came back and told me they were having issues downloading the file. I checked and my browser nicely showed the file just perfectly as text. Once I saw the error, I sent them mail back to just right click on the link and download the file. Don't people do this all the time? I know I do. Why was this situation any different. For a program that people use every day, I would assume that people know the ins and outs of it. Very confusing to me that people don't know how to use programs that they use very often and basically rely on.


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