Going and Gone

This weekend was an interesting weekend when it comes to friends.

Friday evening, while watching Identity, I was trying to figure out who one of the actresses was, so I popped open the laptop to an IM on my screen. Now being that it was Friday night at 11, I couldn't figure out who would be saying hi, since all my friends should have been out and about. What I saw was the message "Greetings from Iraq!" and had to do a double take. It was my friend Juris. He's a helicopter pilot for the army and is currently stationed in Iraq. He's been on my mind a lot lately due to hearing lots of things about soldiers dying, so it was great to see his typing (the Internet equivilant to hearing his voice). We talked for a while. He told me about the things he has been doing and how the conditions are, etc. He seemed to be doing very well. This put a smile on my face for the rest of the night because I knew my friend who I have been worrying about a lot lately was doing well. He also said to pass along hellos to everyone, so anyone who reads this who knows him, he says hello.

Then on Sunday, I had the flipside. My good friend Craig, who has become a reliable drinking partner since Craig went to Houston (yes, they are both named Craig), is moving to Indiana (no, no one understands why). So, last night we went out to say our goodbyes. A smaller group of us first went to Maggiano's for some dinner. There were about 18 of us, so they do the food family style. Too much food came to the table over the next couple of hours, all delicious and very filling. After that, we headed over to Clarke's to see Chad and Stu play and meet up with some other people. Silliness ensued as it always does. I was too full to drink all that much, but that was probably good, since I had to get up early this morning to avoid yet another ticket. Craig seemed sufficiently intoxicated when I left, so mission accomplished.

It sucked losing friends. I lost one a year ago and it was wonderful to hear from him this weekend to know he is doing well. Now I am losing another one (to Indiana no less). I wish him all the best and I know I will see him soon (the current over/under on when he will be back is 6 months ;)

So, in the closing, I am currently accepting applications for a new drinking partner. Said partner needs to be able to go out in a pinch on pretty much any night of the week. Be able to hold their liquor and also know how to have a good time. Please e-mail me drinking resumes :)


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