Pearl Jam Live!

I went to see Pearl Jam at the Tweeter Center last night. We got down to the parking lot good and early even with a ton of traffic getting down there. The first problem of the night, it was raining when we got there. It was initially just a drizzle, but got pretty heavy after a bit. After about an hour of sitting in the car, the rain finally let up enough to spend some time outside. I met up with a number of friends and we hung out, had some beers, cooked some food, etc. Around 8, we headed in to the show. We wandered around place for a bit, grabbed some waters, and hit our seats. We had seats in the new not covered seats at the venue. I had never sat in these seats before, and they weren't all that bad. We kept hoping that the rain would not return. Around 8:45, the band hit the stage. They came out strong and kept it going throughout the show. The set went about 75 minutes. Lots of radio friendly songs and a number of other tracks. Patriot was done differently than I had seen it in the past and it was a very cool version. After about a 10 minute break, the band came back out and did an encore. From Crazy Mary with an AWESOME jam into Alive with the whole crowd the place was electric. The band left the stage one more time and returned to the stage and had the house lights put on. They came out and did Baba O'Reilly which was just incredible. The whole crowd was singing along. Then, they finished off with Yellow Ledbetter. All in all, an amazing show. Eddie was RATHER drunk, but still was totally on. My favorite comment of Eddie's "live life for the moment, but go to sleep". It seems he had been partying straight through from the night before. During Alive, Eddie said something along the lines of "You guys sing, you sound better than me anyways". Fun Fun :)

The set list in full:

First Set: Release, Animal, Gods' Dice, Do The Evolution, Insignificance, Love Boat Captain, I Got Shit, Low Light, Rival, Lukin, Not For You, Daughter, You Are, In Hiding, I Am A Patriot, Once, Rearviewmirror;
1st encore: Driven To Tears, Corduroy, Soldier Of Love, Crazy Mary, Alive;
2nd encore: Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter

The after show parking lot situation sucked as always. Got home around 1ish or so.


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