Monday is Done

Thank God.

Monday sucked. Let's go through the highlights:

a) Got nothing done at work
b) Got bitched at by a co-worker
c) Snapped back rather nastily at him
d) Sprained? my pinky while parking my car (don't ask)
e) Spilled soda all over my table and rug
f) Missed a call from my Uncle and found out that he is going away tomorrow, so won't get to talk to him soon
g) Service Engine Soon light came on in my car (though hopefully I have fixed that)
h) Forgot my breakfast this morning
i) Figured out where my finances stood, wept
j) Fought with my e-mail client all day. I think it crashed 7 times over the course of the day.

What a WONDERFUL way to start the week. Off to read some more HP5.


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