Stupid Cab Driver Tricks

After closing Clarke's last night (yes, I should not close bars on Sunday, I know), I jumped in a cab sitting at the cab stand and headed home. I get to my house, its like $7, I hand the guy a $20 and ask for $10 back. He had no change. Asked if I had anything else, I said 2 singles and 2 twenties. He said, well, I guess give me the 2 singles, not your fault.

Now, HOW as a cab driver, do you sit at a can stand, knowing you have no change and not either a) drive to a convenience store and get some change, b) ask one of the other 20 cabbies sitting there if they have some change, or c) tell the potential passenger that you don't have any change right now, so they need exact change (which would have sent me to another cab). So, instead, he loses money on the ride instead of just losing the ride completely.

Just thought it was wierd and rather dumb.


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