Saint Anger Pt 1

Going to try and keep a running update of my second or third listen to the new Metallica CD:

Starts off nice and heavy almost like old Metallica (when they were good). First thing I notice, the drums sound like crap, Lars sounds like he is playing in a tin can. I read somewhere that they thought the drums sounded crisp, if this is crisp, I don't like it. Next thing I notice is James's voice, sounds like he is almost trying to rap instead of sing. On the way home I heard Battery, why can't he sing like that anymore? The Frantic - tick - tick -tock part is HORRIBLE. He sounds like an idiot. I do like the break with the heavy bass, but there may be a bit too much in there. And the last Frantic-tick-tick-tick-tock where James loses his voice, just plain sounds silly.

St. Anger:
Again, starts off nice, again, the drums sounds like utter crap. And then what happens?!?!? What the hell is this slow crap? Also, I still don't like how James's voice sounds. He doesn't have that growl he used to have any more. Maybe that's what happens when you sober up. Why put all the heaviness in to this song to ruin by having all the verses be this slow crap. It also seems to be too, I don't know what the word is, poppy isn't it, but the 'Ya Flush it out, ya flush it out' part annoys me. The music sounds too muddy at the end. James's voice and Lar's drums (which STILL sound like crap) are way too high in the mix.

Some Kind of Monster:
Like the nice crunch beginning. The music is reminding me of old Metallica alot. Drums sound a little better on this one, but still not great. Not digging on this opening solo much though. Sounds kind of muddy again too. James again sounds like he is trying to rap. Sing, not like the pussy way you sang on some of the newer CDs, but the way you used to on things like MoP or AJFA. Argh. Maybe this is Metallica's take on NuMetal? I dunno.

Dirty Window:
Stop highlighting the drums, they sound like crap! LIke the opening riff to this one. A little more rock n roll, but not too bad. Definite tin can drums again. I think I have heard street drummers who pang on actual tin cans who get better tone than these drums. Still not a big fan of how James's voice sounds, but its a little better in some parts of this song. This may be the most solid song on the CD so far, though its more like new school Metallica, rather than old School METALlica.


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