No more smoking in the People's Republic ...

Cambridge votes for ban on smoking

And another town bites the dust. I guess Sommerville has already passed a ban for Oct 1st as well. This sucks. Oct 1st is going to be a bad time for it to start though because the weather is going to start to be crappy and smokers are just not going to go out. That's the SINGLE nice thing about the Boston ban, at least its the summer and I can go outside without a jacket or anything to smoke.

This is the part of the article I like the least:

He said the Cambridge ban could force bars and restaurants that oppose outlawing smoking to support a statewide ban, given the prospect of losing customers to other communities.

''Now that it affects them, they are suddenly advocates for a statewide ban,'' he said.

Oh, ok, this is a good idea, let's make the different bar and restaurant owners fight against each other. I just don't think this politicing at all.


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