My favorite band of the week ...

I have really been digging the Taproot disc this week. I started off really digging the song "Poem" when it was on the radio (well, I guess it still is), but always wondered if the rest of the album was very good. Well, I put an order in to BMG a couple of weeks ago and put this CD in (as well as 5 others). I am really loving this disc. It has elements of lots of types of music. It has the Nu-Metal sound in some respects, but is also really melodic in a lot of places. I get a Tool feel on a number of songs. Especially the ways some of the songs are arranged. The singer has a nice range. Reminds me of Aaron from Staind in some places (especially with the death metal like growls going right in to nice high pitched singing (think Mudshovel from Staind). Definitely woudl recomment this to anyone who is a fan of Nu-Metal, but I also think that people who like things like ProgMetal would enjoy this disc as well.


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