Jackass Clemens

Hall of a threat: Clemens may boycott ceremony: "Clemens said Saturday he will not attend his own induction ceremony if he is not allowed to go into the Hall of Fame as a member of the New York Yankees."

Roger, just because you have an issue with that idiot Dan Duquette, doesn't mean you should turn your back on the place that you made most of your history. Most of us in Boston know how much of a loser Duquette is. I mean, we did get rid of him. And while he was here, he was CONSTANTLY criticized, not just for what happened to you, but for many other bad trades and bad decisions he made.

I don't know. I think these superstars have just gone too far in seeing themselves as the only person rather than looking at things on the whole.

I think the best example of this is this. I was at Roger's first game back at Fenway with Toronto. They stopped beer in the bleachers in about the third or fourth inning. The reason for this? Fights in the stand. Now, this was not the normal out of rowners and locals fighting, this was red sox fans fighting each other because some were still routing for Roger and other's hated him for leaving. Now, if this does not show how much of a fan of Roger Boston is, I don't know what is.

Roger, get with the program, let the Hall put you in in a Sox uniform and go and humbly accept that you have been voted in.


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