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I think I should add a guitar category sometime soon.

I'm totally aching to play some guitar this evening, but didn't drag it in to the city wit me due to not really having any clue of how much free time I will have. Looks like tonight will be the only night with free time, but still I wish I could strum out a few chords right now and learn some new songs.

Since deciding about a month ago that I was going to try seriously to start playing again, I have been doing rather good. Usually playing every day for about two hours. Learning new songs all the time. Its amazing the ways your fingers can bend and move after some practice.

I've been playing just acoustic guitar due to not really having an amp at home. I used to have one, it went away, don't ask, its a long story. Considering I listen to a lot of music that is electric in nature, I do think I am going to have to rectifiy the situation at some point in the near future. Hopefully I can save a couple of bucks here and there and buy something nice.

Maybe I should take the path Dave took and quit smoking and then buy myself a nice amp in a few months. Wouldn't that be nice (though most likely impossible).

Hopefully this Sunday I am going to bring my guitar down to my favorite hangout and jam a bit with a buddy of mine. Really gotta get some pratice in this weekend to make sure I am ready to do that. He sent me a nice list of songs to play with him. Just gotta make sure I know the changes pretty good. I'm getting good at playing and not having to think about it, but since a number of these songs are new to me, I will have to work on them.

I've even gotten to the point where I can almost deal with singing and playing at the same time. Another buddy of mine joked a few weeks back that once I knew 50 songs, he would put me on the sub list. Would be very funny if that ever happened, since I have been going down and seeing many of these guys play for many years to start filling in for them here and there :) Though I doubt I will ever get to that point, but you never know. I probably should practice playing while drinking if I ever hope to get to that point as well :)

I'd almost love to take some voice lessons at some point. I can almost sing, even can hold a tune most of the time, but it would be good to get some level of professional teching if I ever really wanted to do it in public on a normal basis.

OK, enough rambling about my non-existant musical career. I'm much better off living vicariously through all my rock star friends :) Hopefully one of them will actually make it someday, so I can say I knew them when :)


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