Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

For those of you who don't recognize the name, this guy is the information minister in Iraq. He is the one on TV saying the US isn't even in Baghdad yet while CNN is streaming video of troops running around the streets.

Some of my recent favs of his:

Sahaf said American troops were beginning to "commit suicide on the walls of Baghdad.

"The soldiers of Saddam Hussein have given them a lesson they will never forget,"

"We will in fact encourage them to commit more suicides. We have given them death and poison."

This guy needs to be saved, brought to NYC and then be put on SNL to do Weekend Update. I think he would be hilarious. Things like:

"The Infidel Russell Crowe did not in fact get married today, it was all American propaganda to make this bad man look like he has changed his ways so that his movies sell more tickets. The Americans are just being greedy and trying to make themselves more money off of foreigners who have aligned themselves with the evil doers"

or some other random shit like that :)


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