It works again!!!

Ahhhhhh, very nice. I spent much of the day today getting my computer back to the state I wanted it in. I was running Ximian's Gnome 2.2 (Snapshots) before I upgraded to RH 8 and everything worked nicely. Well, after the upgrade a number of programs stopped working :( I finally spent almost the whole day today getting Gnome 2.2 up and running on my machine and got all my programs working again. Hopefully this week, I will spend a bunch of time getting things all up to Gnome 2.2.1 released version while I wait for Ximian Desktop 2.0 to come out. The best part of this work, is my aggregator FINALLY works again. Turns out it was probably not a gnome issue, but I did figure out where the issue was :) Yay! News again!


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