Redhat Updates Stupidity

So, I noticed new packages are out for apache on RH 6.2 -> 8.0. So, I say, I should update. Best way to do this is to just run up2date (since I am reg'ed on RHN). I am SSH'ed in to my box, so I run the following command:

up2date-nox -u apache apache-devel

And I get the following error:

X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.
Gdk-ERROR **: X connection to localhost:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).

Umm, shouldn't the -nox on the command mean NO X11 CONNECTION?!?!?! Does on any other application with that notation. Argh. Fuckin idiots. Now I either have to wait for this to show up in Red Carpet or else wait to get to the box, log in to X (which isn't even running on the system anymore) and run the damned thing in X. I know I have run up2date as a non-X application before, so what the hell is up with this?!?!

Update: It looks as if the up2date-gnome package installs some stuff in /usr/bin which then means the up2date binary in /usr/sbin doesn't get run. Seemingly the package is still broken because the -nox package should work fine, but the solution for now is to run /usr/sbin/up2date. And of course, the apache and apache-devel packages don't seem to EXIST at the moment. Argh.


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