Phish - Worchester, MA 02/26/2003

Last night I headed over to Worchester to see Phish. As I mentioned earlier, this was the first time I have seen them in a long time. Don and I had horrible seats behind the stage, but I was there for the music, not to stare at the boys.

Brian picked me up at work around 4 and we headed out. We went to the pub across the street from the Centrum. We had hoped to grab some dinner, but there were no seats. We had a few Guinness and finally decided to grab some Potato Skins. The place was getting crowded and I was supposed to meet Don around 7, so we headed out. I called Don and he said he was probably 10 or 15 mins out depending on how bad the traffic continued to be. Don FINALLY showed up an hour later and we headed in almost 30 mins after the show was supposed to start. Luckily it hadn't.

The show started off rather hot with "You Enjoy Myself". This got me all psyched up. The show turned from there and got rather slow in my opinion. They were playing a lot of songs that I didn't seem to know. The set continued rather slow for a while. They finally busted out 'Maze' and ended the set nicely with that. I was hoping for a better second set at this point.

The second set started off with Stash, which is a song I dig. It only got better from there. They seemed to keep building on the energy from the song before. They really got going with Waves in to Prince Caspian in to Frankenstein. At the end of Frankenstein, they switched to Golgi on the dime. They left the stage at this point. They came back on and did Loving Cup, which had the crowd going wild. This ended the show.

The second set BLEW the first set away. I definitely would have liked to hear some other songs I really enjoy, but that second set made it a good show.

After the show Don and I got right out and got home. When I got home, I checked online for the set list. It was then I figured out how special a first set we had. The band decided to cover songs from each of their side projects. I wish I knew some of this material a little better, I think it would have made the first set a bunch better.

All in all, a great show, but not as amazing as I could have hoped for. And now the setlist:

Set I: You Enjoy Myself* > Clone**, Roggae, Drifting***, Blue Skies****, The Moma Dance, Final Flight^, Maze

Set II: Stash, Ghost^^ > Makisupa Policeman^^^ > Ya Mar, Guyute, Waves, Prince Caspian^^^^ -> Frankenstein, Golgi Apparatus%

Encore: Loving Cup%%

* - vocal jam included the word "Clone" and the start of the song "Clone"
** - first time played - written by Mike Gordon and originally performed by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon
*** - first time played - originally performed by Trey Anastasio
**** - first time played - originally performed by Pork Tornado
^ - first time played - originally performed by Vida Blue
^^ - with "Low Rider" tease / jam
^^^ - with the lyrics "Woke up this morning... and my hotel was burning down" - believed to be in reference to a hotel fire at the Radisson in Cincinnati
^^^^ - unfinished
% - with "Frankenstein" teases
%% - ending dragged out to finish the show


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