Cablevision Debacle

So, I got a bit behind on my cable payments and they turned my cable off at the box. With my last paycheck, I caught up and was happy to know my cable would be back on soon. On Wednesday, I came home, the cable was still off, but when I checked Homelink, I saw the check had cleared, so I called. The call went something like this:

Me: Hi, I caught up my bill, but my cable is still off, can you please turn it back on.
Cable Drone: Yes, I see your bill caught up, but your service is turned off at the pole.
Me: Well, I am still seeing the TV Guide channel (thats what stays on when your box is off)
Drone: You should have no service sir, your cable it turned off at the pole.
Me: OK, but I am seeing the TV Guide channel, so some signal is coming in, can't you try and turn the box back on.
Drone: No sir, the computer shows the service off at the pole, you will need a technician to come out.
Me: But, I have a signal.
Drone: No sir, its off at the pole, you will need someone to come out and re-connect it at the pole.

At this point, I gave up fighting and scheduled an appointment for a technician to come out on Friday (today)

Technician shows up today and finds the outside box. Its on the side of the building next door, probably 10-15 feet above the ground. It's snowing like a mofo today, so I say to the guy something like "Hey, I have a signal in my apartment, I am seeing the TV guide channel, want to check it before you climb?" Guy says that sounds good. Comes up, checks to make sure signal is there, it is, calls service center, on hold for 10 mins, finally says, I need a box turned back on, service center hits magic button, cable comes back up. Guy basically tells me the people at the service center should not be listened to and if it happens again, keep calling until someone turns the box back on.

The fun part is now I have to fuckin call and fight the technician visit charge ($20 more than the normal re-connect fee) because there was NO NEED for a technician to come out, much like I told the nice drone on Wednesday. Argh.


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