Weekend Update ...

Well, this weekend was busy, but alright. I definitely did not/have not gotten anywhere near as much stuff as I had hoped to done. Saw the band, Thurs, Fri and Sat. Was actually working for them all three nights, so was actually making cash. Its nice walking out of a bar with more money than you walked in with. Yesterday was much of a non-day, since we had to load everything in to the van starting at 5 and I didn't get up until noon. Woops. At least I ate and stuff before going out. Today (as I have since Friday, but today is the worst), I ache. Moving all sorts of heavy equipment around helps you find muscles you never knew you had. I also have been trying to do some minor working out in my apt, which is making the hurt a bit worse. At least I am doing something towards that whole taking better care of myself thing. I made it over to the food store today. I haven't been in one of those in years (just used PeaPod). I didn't get anywhere near the amount of stuff I meant to, but I made a start. Since it was my first time in the place I got somewhat of a better feel for it. I still think I like Peapod more, but if I just want to get a minor grocery delivery, the $10 delivery charge kind of hurts. I think I may need to work on getting 2 weeks of groceries every 2 weeks. Then I could do some cooking and freezing of some stuff, etc one day and have enough real meals for the week. I still need to figure that all out. I have to check the Peapod delivery prices too, I think over $75 means only a $5 delivery charge which is more worth it. Other than that, just been watching football and stuff. Actually watched another movie (I need to post about the mad amount of movies I have watched this week). I cooked a burger from lunch using my new George Foreman Grill. Worked rather nicely. Still need to figure how to put cheese on my cheeseburger without causing trouble. I really need to get at least one load of laundry in at some point this evening too. I should get some stuff together soon. Well, that's about all.


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