Prodcutive Day

I had what I felt to be a very productive day yesterday.

After getting up much later than I had wanted to, I decided to work from home (so I wasn't stuck in the office until all hours). I got a TON of work done for work, got past a number of issues I was having problems with, etc.

After I finished working, I picked up my guitar and played for about 2 hours. I tried picking up some new warmup techniques as well as a couple of songs. I got them down ok, now need to really be able to play them in time and well.

After that, I made some dinner and then spent some time with the TV.

While watching TV, I decided to try playing with PHP Layers Menu to get a slightly new look for the side bar on my pages. I got it working pretty well after some hacking. Still need to fix some colors and stuff like that, but its almost there. You should see a new look to the main part of the site in the next day or so.

After finishing that, I read a couple of pages and then fell asleep. A pretty good day. I really need to make days like this the norm :)


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