In one pocket ...

out the other. Paid all my bills last night (had to get done before trip). It's sad to see all the money that was in my account yesterday now gone and in the bill collectors' hands. Well, at least it will mean less phone calls to yell at me about me owing people money.

I actually finally wrote out a budget last month. I tried my best to stick with it over the course of January. I did ok. I got a couple of hits at the beginning of the month that threw me off, but working for the band made up for most of those. I think this half (I do everything by month halves, as I get paid 2x a month) will be a little easier as I will be away and on the company's bill all week next week. Time to break in the AMEX :)

If I can continue to stick to my budget, I will slowly get everyone all caught up and paid off. It won't be a quick process, but it will get the important thing of catching all my bills up done. Hopefully I will find extra bits of cash here and there and be able to take care of some things faster than others. Also, once I get a credit card paid off, I can start using the money I was paying them every month to speed up payments on other cards. I REALLY want this to work. I am sick to death of living check to check.


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