White Christmas Wrap-up

So, Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone had a good one. I got back to Long Island on Saturday, went to see Dave Matthew that night and then ran around shopping for 2 days. Christmas Eve, my sister and I headed over to my Dad's for our annual Christmas stuff. In Norway, Christmas Eve is a bigger day than Christmas itself, so we have always done stuff with Dad's side of the family on that day. It was nice, Dad, his girlfriend, my uncle and then my sister and her boyfriend. We had a nice dinner and made off with some good loot. Afterwards, I headed over to my Mom's friends' house for a drink and to say Merry Christmas to everyone. When we got home, Mom, my sister and I exchanged gifts. I got most everything on my list, so I was pleased. Some new jeans were a very nice piece of that puzzle. I have been needing some for a while. Will be nice not to have to wear the same 2 pairs all the time now. Reports were for a major snow storm on Christmas day, so heading to Saratoga like we do every year was looking bleak. When we got up in the morning, the weather seemed like it was going to be a bit better than we had thought, so we headed out. It took SEVEN hours to get to Saratoga (normally 4) in a horrible snow/freezing rain/rain mix, but in the end we made it. It was nice to be there once we arrived though. I finally got to meet my newest cousin, Jameson, which was very cool. Some drinks and dinner ensued. We got up the next morning and headed back down to Long Island. I drove the whole way. It took about 5 hours of driving time, which was slower than normal but not all that bad. Took it easy last night and watched a movie. Some minor running around today to pick up some more stuff for the apartment. Hoping to do some drinking this evening and then back on the road in the morning to head back to Boston. Been a much quicker week than I had hopef for. I really thought I may get some coding done, but between plans and shopping, that hasn't happened in the least. Saturday will be a non-day with the travel and then going out to see my friends. Sunday will be a relax and put everything away day and then back to work on Monday for a on again off again on again week. I hate Wednesday off.

Random pictures of the rocking ferry, the animals (including the new puppy) and the snow (2 FEET in Saratoga) are here.


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