Weekend Wrapup

It was a good weekend overall. Started on Thursday with my buddy Jeremy in town. I haven't seen Jeremy since April, so it was good to see him. He was in town on business and we were his fun for the evening. We headed to Sissys early for dinner and some drinks. A bunch of people met us there. About 10, we headed over to the Bell in Hand to see Central Basement. We had TOO good a time. Friday, there were a number of phone calls, e-mails and online conversations being had about what exactly happened the last hour or two of the night before. Not many people seemed to have a clue. Always a sign of a good time. I worked from home on Friday and then eventually headed down to The Rack to see the band (and maybe try and get some details about the night before. Was a fun night. Hung out with the usual suspects for a lot longer than I usually do after the show as it was not as crowded and crazy as it usually is. I actually got introduced to two more of the "Front Row" crowd who I had seen, but never met before. I headed to Sissys for some late night beers, eventually getting in around 3:30 or so. Saturday afternoon I had the dentist, which I was (as always) 10 minutes or so late to. I finally got out about 3 1/2 hours later. The good news is I only have 3 more appointments and only 1 more is actual drilling and attempting to hurt me. Finally I will have a mouth in one piece. I need to remember to bring my digital, so I can get a picture of the before picture and then take an after, its scary. I talked to a couple of the guys in the band to try to figure out my ride down to the The Funway. I ended up meeting one of the guitar players at The Rack and then we headed down to the Funway in the horrid rain. Got down there around 7. Played some games. Got my ass handed to me by Tim in Air Hockey. Band finally went on like 10:45. I got to play photographer once again. A fun night. Today was productive day. I got a bunch of stuff both in the digital world and real world done. Cleaned up my INBOXs, cleaned the cat litter, went to the store for some essentials, oragnized my bills (which number way too many), did all the dishes, ate lunch and dinner, caught up on some web reading, etc. Hopefully this productive day will lead to a nice productive week. Off to bed now, but all in all a sucessful "stalking-filled" weekend.

Oh yeah, and nobody should forget the band's first (and hopefully not only) CD release party this Friday at The Rack.

Sleep now.


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