Respect the Laundry

So, I decide to FINALLY start getting some of my laundry done tonight. I headed down and there was stuff in the dryer that was done, but nothing in the washer machine, so I threw my stuff in. Wash takes about 26 minutes, so when I got up here, I set the timer on my stove and went back to TV. After 25 minutes, the timer went off and I waited for another 5 or 10 minutes before heading down because I was waiting for a commercial break. Commercial came, I ran down. Laundry was still in dryer. As I headed down half way through the commercials, I hurried back up hoping someone would hear the door to the basement going and would remember their laundry and come get their shit. Next commercial, I headed down again and the laundry was still there. This time, I took it all out and put it on top of the dryer and started my stuff. I just went to get my stuff out of the dryer another hour later and finally all the stuff is gone. When you live in a building with 10 apartments and only one washer and dryer set, please please please remove your clothes as soon as they were done and don't let them linger. Thank you.


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