Days like today are crazy. Today started out total shit. After getting a rather unpleasant e-mail in response to something I sent out last night and responding to it before I even got in the shower, I headed in to the office to end up in a shitstorm, which I caused by standing up for myself. So, the day goes on and nothing seems to be helping this storm end, Finally we get something together to get to work (I was in danger of having to fly to Memphis). One of the other guys and I put our heads down and get working on this and at 8:15 I sent out mail to all the people who I started with this morning telling them I was all done. Finally got home around 9:30. Ugh. Long day, in the end a very accomplished day, though I didn't get to any of my normal work, but I guess that can be done tomorrow (by 4, since that's when the company party starts :) Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I think I am getting a free lunch or 3. Draining day, hughs and lows, but overall, I guess it was a good day. Having only 2 Hostess cupcakes between when I got up and 10PM was probably not the best way to keep my energy level up though. Woops.


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