New Year's Resolution

Well, it's that time of the year again. I've got a number of resolutions. One is kind of big and all encompassing and some other small ones. Here goes:

1. Take better care of myself. This is the big one. This means a number of things. The biggest one would be getting myself to eat better. I need to be cooking for myself more often and eating better foods. Maybe even doing some working out and stuff. And the last part, at some point (no, not at midnight) I need to quit smoking this year. Smoking American Spirits has totally cut down on my smoking, now I just need to quit.
2. Play more guitar. I would like to start doing this much much more. I figure if I can practice a couple hours a night, I can get much better. I also need to use the resources available to me (like the 20 guitar players I know), to help out with this one.
3. Along the same lines as the last one, I need to find more productive things to do with my time. I want to stop watching as much TV as I do now (oh, I wish I had digital cable, so I could get a TiVo). Even if this means playing some video games here and there, maybe doing some programming, etc. I just need to get out of the come home from work, crash out in front of the TV cycle I have been stuck in.
4. Better money management. This one if huge. I can't continue to go through life living check to check. I have a number of of ways to fix this. First off, I need to control my spending when going out. I can't just spend like I have a million dollars. Second, I need to live by the budget I wrote out for myself. Third, I will be helping out the band from time to time now, so that is cash as well as free alcohol, so that helps out in 2 ways.

I think those are the big ones for now. I also think that will be enough for me to handle. No need to add useless stress in to my life :)


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