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Slacked in this category for a while and since a) I am excited about the movies on their way and b) I am sitting and waiting for a database to build, I should post some reviews. Movies coming tomorrow are Men in Black II and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Should be a good movie watching weekend. (Though with a party on Saturday and the Pats on Sunday, who knows if I will really get to them). Now, on to some recent rentals from Netflix as always.

The Sweetest Thing
This movie was cute. Basically showing the raunchier side of women. In the end was a love story, but had some rather amusing moments. Definitely something I would watch on cable if it came on and I was sitting around, but don't think it would be something I am going to go and buy.

Star Wars Episode 2: The Attack of the Clones
Much better than Episode 1, thank God. The last 20-30 mins were STELLAR visually and action-wise. The movie overall was still pretty good. I don't think I liked Hayden Christensen as Anakin. I just didn't like the way he delivered some lines. I did like him in Life as a House, but though his line deliveries were similar in that movie, they fitted his character more there. I'll probably pick this one up on DVD eventually to have and watch from time to time.

The Queen of the Damned
This one definitely fell short. I didn't feel they really worked the plot out as much as they could have in the movie. I haven't read the book (or any of her books, YET!), so I didn't know the back story and I felt like it was not well developed in the movie. I did like the music a ton though. Jonathan Davis of Korn sounds great as the Vampite Lestat.

The Sum of All Fears
I liked this MUCH more than I thought I would. Ben Affleck did a rather good job of portraying a young Jack Ryan. I did think he got a bit jittery at times as Ben does, but I thought the plot worked real well. I was suprised by some aspects of it, as it was not the happy go lucky movie I assumed it to be. Some real nice visual effects in this one as well.

That's all for now. I still need to catch a couple of movies in the theater like 8 Mile and more so Harry Potter. I say more so, because the visual effects are much better on the big screen than my little TV. Some day I will buy the 36 or 50 something inch TV I reaaly want.


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