Live Phish

God damn! I just signed up for Live Phish and they are offering a free download of the last show of the 2000 tour as a gift and to test out that things work ok with your system. Well, I am listening to the show and it sounds INCREDIBLE. It must be soundboard. I definitely will be using this service for at least the NYE show, if not the whole New Years Run. It's $35 for all 4 shows in MP3 format. The quality is good enough that there will be no problem burning these out on to CD and listening to them any time (which is allowed, don't worry RIAA, I am not doing anything ILLEGAL here). Definitely gonna use this service as they release the shows I have been to and the ones I go to. They are even doing CD liners and booklets for all the shows, how freakin cool is that? This is definitely the new abuse system :)


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