Home Sweet Home

Ahhh, made it back to Boston in one piece. The drive was easy, no traffic at all. The cat whining the last hour of the ride was somewhat annoying, but thats what I get for taking a cat on a 6 hour trip. It took me like 8 or 9 loads to get everything up to my apartment, but I did get a space right across the street, so it made it easier than it could have been. I've put most stuff away, took a shower and now waiting for my buddy to come over, so we can grab some chow and then go see the band.

The one thing I always forget I miss so much until I get home is water pressure. I took a shower after putting everything away and the water blasted me. It felt very nice. My mom's water pressure sucks and you hardly get a rain down on you when showering. I never feel like I got 100% clean. Now I feel good and clean and ready to party (well, ready to EAT and then party). Fun times.

Tomorrow will be some football, some LOTR Extended Edition, some catch up on the week and some RnR. Fun fun.


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