Good story ...

A very cool story about something doc experienced while riding the T yesterday, though I have to say I kept waiting for it to end in the guys trying to get him to join a cult or some such thing :)

I think people would be much happier if more people could do this. I know that I myself am horrible at this. Unless I know someone or have some link to them, I am very nervous and to myself. Being a barfly, I eventually do meet a lot of people around me, but usually that is with some prodding by either beer or some mutual connection. I wish I could be better about that kind of stuff. I really would like to be more outgoing always, not just when having had some drinks or being in a comfort zone. Maybe I should try talking to random people. I worry I would come off as some strange person if I started doing that though. At least some people in this world can do it and not feel strange about it.


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