City Livin

Coming home always reminds me of why I live in a city. Being that it is Friday night, I assumed my sister and her friends would be going out. Well, that has completely fallen through. Now I get to sit at home on a Friday night, without a TV, without going out and bored out of my skull. It's just not fun at all. Considering if I was in Boston, I would be on my second or third beer, at least, at the very least actually, it kinda sucks that I am stuck here. I didn't even want to go out and be crazy tonight, just wanted to go out and have a few beers, relax, recover from the holidays and family and just have some fun. Now I get in my car in the morning having had no relief at all and have to sit in my car for 6 hours. This is just not good. I guess tomorrow night will end up getting UGLY. That's never good, but at least it will be one night of fun in over a week. Whatever, maybe I can find some stuff to catch up on.


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