Rice a Roni

The San Francisco treat or something, right?

Well, that was just a random reference to San Fran, as I am headed there in the morning. For work, of course, I don't have fun anymore. I am heading out for Oracle World to work the booth for the company I work at. It should be a good show for us, so I am excited to see who comes through the booth.

Hopefully this time out, I will be able to actually enjoy San Francisco more than I did last time. Last time, it was work or team dinner or something constantly, I really did not get a lot of free time to just relax and hang out.

I will be trying to blog the show, most likely more as an end of the day wrap up rather than an in-show report. Also, as I will be work the booth, I don't know how much time I will actually get to wander around the show to see what else is out there, and I almost definitely will miss most of the keynotes. Hopefully I can at least get out to one.


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