Movie Weekend ...

I watched 3 movies this week (so far). Some quick reviews ...

This movie was great. I felt they did a great job with the plot and getting across who Spider-Man was and how he became that way and then proceeded to almost make another movie from that back story. The action sequences and special effects were awesome. The fact that Kirsten Dunst looked awesome through the whole movie had no affect on this review, I swear :)

I think this movie was trying to make a point. I got it, but I didn't feel a movie was needed to get it across. I think it could have been a good movie, but tried to be too abstract and wierd. I dunno. Not the movie I was hoping for, I guess.

I was really looking forward to seeing this as it was directed by Christopher Nolan who wrote and directed Memento, one of my recent favorite movies. This movie was good, but definitely not anywhere near as good as Memento. In Memento, the audience became very confused as they were seeing much of the movie from the point of view of someone with amnesia. It basically messed with your head. In this movie, Pacino and Williams characters tried to mess with each other's minds. I didn't feel they worked it as well as they could have. I think Pacino did a good job in his part, though I didn't feel he showed as much emotion as he could have in some of the later segments as he did in the earlier part of the movie. Williams seemed rather dry to me. Though this might have been part of his character, I don't think it was the same dryness that someone going through what he was going through would have shown. I'd like to see how he pulled off a somewhat (at least from the previews) character in One Hour Photo.


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