Keep on Rollin ...

Have I mentioned how much I hate driving? Well, I do. Mostly I hate it for the other idiots on the road. My biggest pet peeve today is people who drive at speed X, but over the course of a mile or two, they are suddenly, for no apparent reason, driving at X-10. I have almost slammed in to a few of these people. Its rather annoying. I understand if there is a cop or something, or even a slower car in front of you, but this is for no apparent reason, they just plain start going slower. Rather annoying.

My other peeve today, is people who only pay attention to the moment, not what is happening in front of them. They are doing a bunch of construction on the block over from me. Near the end of the street (as I know because I drive down it every day) the street narrows to one lane. Well, all the nice smart people in the front get in to one lane. This morning, a bunch of people decided thyey needed more lanes, so they jumped in a lane that was about to end and pushed their way all the way to the front and then tried to merge in. Who the fuck is so excited to get to work in the morning that they need to drive like an idiot? Argh.


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