I see clearly now ...

So, yesterday, when I plugged in to my docking station, I came out at 800x600. The sucked. I ran Xconfigurator and put it up to something like 1300 or something by something. It looked like CRAP. I quickly jumped on irc and asked how I could set up anti-aliasing, whcih I thought was the problem. I also re-ran Xconfigurator and put the resolution all the way up to 1600x1200. After doing these two things, X/Gnome2 looks AWESOME. I'm psyched. I even have 1024x768 or something on the regular laptop screen. The best part of the whole thing is that now the web looks awesome. With some new fonts and the anti-aliasing stuff all done, everything on the web comes out exactly like it is supposed to. Very nice stuff. Nice to finally see what some web sites I previously thought looked like crap now look pretty nice :)


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