And here we are again ...

at the beginning of a new week. Some people do a Sunday - Saturday week, I am definitely not one of them. To me, the week ends when I go to bed on Sunday and starts back up with a new work week on Monday.

Weekend was nice and relaxing. Watched a number of movies, spent some time with cms and his wife, watched the Pats kick Buffalo's ass, etc. I didn't see a bar all weekend. Rather scary. I wonder if Sissy K's has sent out a search party yet.

This week should be an interesting one. It could turn out nuts, it could turn out calm. We'll see what happens. I have a huge project at work, which I need to get done this week. I say this week, because Saturday I am flying out to San Francisco for Oracle World. I am supposed to go see Rush at Mohegan Sun on Friday, which is looking less and less like a possibility. Don is trying to drag me to a show tomorrow, but I think I will pass on it. As I said, could just be a big work week, could turn in to a nuts week.

Slashdot seems rather unhappy this morning. I guess maybe their server move did not go as well as hoped/planned.


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