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From the Phish News Mailing List over at comes some interesting news from the band today:


Phish will release ROUND ROOM, their latest studio album, on December 10.
Pre-ordering has begun at

According to the Phish press release, "what started as rehearsals for the
upcoming and hotly anticipated Phish New Year's Run quickly progressed
into a full-blown recording session, the results of which are distilled
onto a new studio release, ROUND ROOM. Recorded in four days in October
by producer Bryce Goggin, the album ripples with raw, vital energy and
features a healthy dose of the band's trademark improvisational style. In
total, the album's twelve tracks clock in at over seventy minutes."

The album was recorded at Trey Anastasio's studio, "The Barn," in Vermont.
The tracklist is as follows:

1. Pebbles and Marbles
2. Anything but Me
3. Round Room
4. Mexican Cousin
5. Friday
6. Seven Below
7. Mock Song
8. 46 Days
9. All of These Dreams
10. Walls of the Cave
11. Thunderhead
12. Waves

Well, I guess the tour may get started earlier than hoped, as I expected they would do the New Years dates, go in to the studio, and then come back out and tour, but with the album already done, hopefully they will hit the road right away.


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