Layoffs ...

I got the new this weekend that my former company did more layoffs this past week. It turns out that 2 good friends and 3 other guys I know all got the ax from the office here in Boston. Not sure if anyone else I know lost their jobs yet, but I have yet to hear anything from other friends around the country. I don't think I have too many people that I am real friendly with left there in other offices, so I just have a few people to check in with. I will probably send some emails out later today.

I think in the end I am happy I lost my job there just about a year ago (th 25th will be a year). I really don't think I could deal with going through this right now. I have enough cash issues that not getting a check would be a HUGE problem. I would definitely not like to be going through what Lukas is going through right now. I actually should be going through some of it to try and solve some of my current money issues, but at least I don't have to do it to an extreme.

Well, back to TV. Some movie reviews coming later.


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