Bill Simmons ...

First off, I must say Bill Simmons of's Page 2 is one of the funniest guys around. I wish I could just go out drinking with him a night, he just seems like he would be fun. I should send him email and tell him to come down to Sissys some night with me and some of my friends. That would be a fun night.

His latest column is just classic Simmons. Totally funny stuff. I laughed out loud a good 10 times. The one thing I have a problem with is this:

"but couldn't one of the cast members have come into the show with a gambling problem?"

I would have to say there is still odds of 3-1 or maybe 4-1 that one of the characters will develop a gambling problem. My money would be on Frank or Alton for this one, but I am sure that one of the group will start having gambling issues.

I mean, if I woul dhave known they needed to fill this position, I would have gladly volunteered myself for that gig!


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