Bad Start / Fleet Sucks ...

Ugh. I hate when a day starts on the wrong foot. I went to the store this morning to pick up some smokes and a drink and snack for the way in to work. Well, my credit card I went to use didn't work. I figured it was just because I had just activated it last night. I bought just a pack of smokes (I hate driving without something to drink, but had little cash on me) and left and called Fleet right away to see what was up.

Now, this is where the Fleet sucks part comes in. I called and they told me that my account had been cancelled. I was rather annoyed as I had gotten no notification that the account was cancelled. I will have to search through my mail to see if I got something and didn't realize it, but I am almost positive I did not. The worst part was, I activated a brand new card LAST NIGHT and it let me go right through the process of activating it. How annoying is that.

I use Fleet as my primary bank and really have had nothing but trouble with them. Between their fuck ups costing me money (ala, letting two payments that were days apart both go through and then charging me an overlimit fee when they should have just rejected one of the payments) to things like double charging me when I go over my limit with different charges. I really think this is the final straw and I need to find a new bank. My biggest thing right now is some place with good online banking as I live on it. Basically, I think I may just take my check this week to a new bank and get an account started. Anyone have any suggestions?


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