Dream Theater / Satch / King's X

I went and saw a few of my favorite bands a couple of weeks back (09/12) at the Fleet Boston Pavilion. First off, I have to say that I love this venue. This is the second show I saw there this summer and probably my 6th or 7th overall. This place is located right on the water. The seats are all pretty good. The other nice thing is that they have a set of tables at the back of the seats where you can sit and hang out, but still hear and see the show perfectly. Very cool.

We got to the show good and early assuming that King's X were actually going to go on early if both DT and Satch were going to get their supposed hour and a half sets in. I ended up waiting outside until 7:30 (when King's X went on, which was actually on time) trying to meet up with a friend. I didn't meet up with him, but luckily he got in anyways. I ended up watching KX from the back with Carl. They sounded good, but I didn't like that they only played like 6 songs. I REALLY like these guys and would much rather have seen them put on an hour set.

During the break, we went up to the seats. We had third row dead center. They were excellent, you could almost reach out and grab the bands. Joe Satriani came on next. I stayed up at the seats for about 3/4 of Satch's show and caught the rest from the back. Satch's sound was excellent. He played a variety of stuff, but mostly it was a greatest hits show. He played for about an hour, if that.

Next up was Dream Theater. As many people know, these guys are probably my favorite band. I've seen them a ton of times (probably around 30, I need to figure that out at some point). Their sound was sorta muddy throughout most of the set, but they came off pretty good. WAY too short a set for my tastes. I would rather have seen them play a 3 hour show. I think in the end they played about an hour as well.

After the show, I had aftershow passes from Mike. Bogie and I headed to the meet and greet area. We met up with Matt from Event and his girlfriend there. Matt gave me a 3 song sampler of their new CD. Very good stuff. I think these guys have finally gotten their own sound down and I really like it. We got to meet the band. I chatted with most of them for a minute or two. The guards were really trying to push us out (even while I was chatting with James and Bogie was chatting with Mike).

After the show, Nick and I headed over to the Bell in Hand to check out the end of Central Basement's set. They were in a wacky mood, which was funny. This, of course, was not a good idea as I was exhausted the next day, but it was a fun night.


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