Birthday Weekend Wrapup ...

Yes, I know this was last week, but I am a bit behind.

Birthday weekend was fun and rough. Wednesday night, I headed to Sissys for some food and a couple of early drinks. We then headed over to The Rack to check out some of Michigan Black Snake's show. After that, we headed over to the Bell to see Stu, Keith and Milo play. It got ugly at the Bell as friends were buying me drink after drink and shot after shot. Late night we ended up back at Sissys for a few and then I headed home.

Thursday, my actual birthday, I spent much of the day being lazy. I actually did some work to deal with some of my boredom. I headed down to Sissys eventually to have some dinner and met a few people there. After that, we headed over to the Bell in Hand to see Central Basement. A ton of my friends showed up and some of the more evil ones bought me shot after shot after shot, etc. The night ended sorta early for me as I could hardly stand. Bad friends :)

Friday night, Becky, Vinnie and Emily rented a private room at Boston Billiards and a bunch of us met there. I was still hurting from the night before, so I kept it slow on Friday. It was a nice time, good and relaxing, which is just what I needed.

The rest of the weekend, I pretty much laid low to save some money and get some relaxing in.

All in all, it was a fun weekend which involved just a bit too much alcohol.


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