I think I should do this ...

I hear I might be a bit behind on the curve on this one, but I think this is great. Some nice girl named Karyn got in a bunch of debt and decided to start the Save Karyn. web site. I guess this is something like a modern version of begging, but in the end she really isn't bothering anyone. Very interesting concept.

On the other hand, some nice people who don't seem to like Karyn went and started the Don't Save Karyn web site. They don't want anyone to send cash to Karyn.

All very interesting. Though I don't know if I would go in to that much information about my personal finances. You never know who could use that information against you in the future. When she goes to buy a house is someone going to remember the site and turn her down. Or is she just gonna start the Help Karyn Pay For Her House site?

Could be interesting to try. Maybe I should just add a donate to Skadz's debt link on my page. Maybe that would get me a few bucks here and there. Could be fun and any extra money can't hurt. I may just call it my Tour Fund, since Phish is coming back and all :)


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