Busy Week ....

I have a ton of possible things to do this week. I know I will have to skip out on at least a few of them, since I have bills to pay and sleep to catch up on (already, ugh!).

Tonight, Jack and Present Company are playing over at Harper's Ferry. This is of interest because Keith from Central Basement is going to be playing with him. Also, Tommy (of Central Basement) and Paul (of Moo Tycooon) are playing over at the Bell in Hand.

Tuesday, Stu Sinclair is playing over at Sissys K's as usual. I haven't seen him on Tuesday in a while, but who knows.

Wednesday night, Moo Tycoon (who don't seem to have a web site yet) are playing over at The Rack. I heard good reviews of last time they played, so I definitely don't want to miss this.

Thursday night, there are 3 things happening. First off, I am going to the Red Sox game. Should be fun, though it is couples night, which can sometimes take some of the drunken rowdiness out of the night. Also of interest on Thursday, Hypercane is playing over at the Rack. Two of the guys who were formally in this band now play with Chad LaMarsh. I've seen the guys who are still in the band get up and jam on a couple of Sundays, so I think it should be a good show. It's an early gig though, so I think I may miss it. Lastly you have Central Basement over at the Bell in Hand as always.

This weekend brings more excitement and decision making. Craig is coming up from Houston. There are some issues with where and when he will be around that I need to get worked out. That is because my mom is heading to Saratoga for the weekend and wants me to come down. It's Travers Week at the track, so it could be a lot of fun, but who knows? It will be a busy weekend no matter what.

Now all this is in addition to little things like work, laundry, paying bills, buying groceries, cleaning the house, trying to catch my new roommate, etc.


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