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September 2, 2003


I am on vacation this whole week. I figured since I had Monday off and I would have taken Friday off for my birthday, I might as well just take the whole week. Haven't had a vacation in a while, so I figured it would be nice to have nothing going on.

I'm not going away or anything, just getting some needed relaxing and stuff. I really hope to spend a lot of time catching up on life in general. Want to try and get all the little things I have been putting off for all too long done. I head back to San Francisco on Saturday for OracleWorld on Saturday, so I hope to head there with a clear head and with a feeling of accomplishment.

The biggest worry is I do what I did today which was a whole lot of nothing. Didn't answer the phone, played on the computer some, watched too much TV, etc. Tomorrow I definitely need to get up and get going as quickly as possible instead of getting comfortable in the house.

Posted by Skadz at September 2, 2003 1:15 AM