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August 18, 2003


I stopped by #joiito last night trying to help GG get on. Just chatted really quick, was sort of intoxicated, so not the best time for people to get an introduction to me :)

The thing I wonder about, is it ok for me to be there? Now, obviously IRC is open and all, but am I the kind of person who they are hoping to have on the channel? Is the channel strictly for the upper echelon of the blogging world (technical world may be a better way to put that).

I dunno, I guess it's fine if I hang out as long as I follow the rules and actually contribute to the channel instead of just lurking, I guess no one would have a problem with me being there. And I might get to meet some cool people too.

Posted by Skadz at August 18, 2003 2:50 PM


what's wrong with lurking? I want to lurk when i'm there and you already know cool people :P

BTW Joi wants everyone there so don't go there with that elite crap cause i'll have to bust your ass! :P

Posted by: gnome-girl at August 18, 2003 4:23 PM

oh btw thank you for helping me last night i was getting HELLA frustrated :P

Posted by: gnome-girl at August 18, 2003 4:26 PM