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July 21, 2003

Das Gusterites

Michael J. Radwin just found out about Guster, a band I have followed for a long time.

I knew I was going to like these guys the first time I saw them back in, I think, 1996. They were opening for Buffalo Tom at a BU show. There were 3 guys on stage, 2 playing acoustic guitars, 1 playing bongos. For their last (or maybe second to last song) they did "Down In It" by Nine Inch Nails. I was totally blown away.

I would make 2 suggestions to Michael. First off, get their older stuff. They made some changes in their sound on the latest album, which I haven't yet gotten totally used to. Some of the songs have grown on me, but I don't yet love the album like I have loved the others.

The second is to SEE THEM LIVE. They put on a very good show, but also a very fun show. Ryan is freakin HILARIOUS up on stage.

So, from an old Guster fan to a possible new one, those are my suggestions.

Posted by Skadz at July 21, 2003 9:36 PM